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Global Development Institute

Political economy of globalisation

21st century globalisation and development

We live in an increasingly globalised and globally inter-connected world marked by a diverse array of private and public actors who shape the ways in people, labour, capital, products, knowledge, ideas, cultures and values flow around the world. Globalisation is a dynamic and contested process with uneven outcomes.

Unprecedented wealth is being created in an increasingly integrated global economy, yet it is marked by heightened risks and vulnerabilities, with outcomes that have a significant and varying impact on the Global South and North. While capital is increasingly mobile, labour struggles to seek secure jobs and good working conditions whilst wars, socio-political instability and economic crisis cause considerable devastation and generate migration and refugee movements.

Under 21st century globalisation, our analysis of development issues must now, more than ever, be considered globally.

Our research seeks to inform prospects for a more socially-just form of globalisation. It probes the dynamic and changing forms of the global economy through the production networks which constitute global trade, and its local outcomes. We seek to understand the changing contours of this global economy, including through the greater prominence of rising power economies and increasing trade within the global South. We explore the uneven outcomes of globalisation. We study movements of people, from economic migrants to political refugees. We seek to assess whether historical injustices shape contemporary opportunities. 

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