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Global Development Institute

Environmental, urban and agrarian change

Environmental, urban and agrarian change

Significant changes are occurring in the relationships between rural and urban areas, particularly when combined with the increasing impact of climate change.

We look into the sustainable use of natural resources and the political economy of their management in developing countries. We examine the effects of urbanisation, global flows of capital investment and diversification of markets. We study the impact of climate change and the potential role of new technology in altering the possibilities of natural resource use

The challenges of urban development are increasingly being recognised. We are addressing some of the most pressing urban themes, including the impact of climate change and violence, the changing nature of informality, and the needs of Africa’s young people.

Further work on environmental themes has focussed on the politics of environmental narratives, particularly the underlying conceptualisation of valuation of different natural phenomena as ‘resources’ and how these impinge on the negotiation of access and use among corporations, communities and governments.

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