Three new lecturers appointed at the Global Development Institute

12 April 2016

Tomas Frederiksen, Tom Lavers and Rory Horner will be in post by 1 September 2016.

The Global Development Institute (GDI) has appointed three academics to new lectureship posts; Tomas Frederiksen has been appointed to the environment, urban and agrarian change lectureship, Tom Lavers to the politics, governance and management lectureship and Rory Horner to the political economy of globalisation lectureship.

The three new roles reflect the Global Development Institute’s key research themes.

Tom Frederiksen is currently a lecturer and British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the GDI. His research focuses on mining and corporate social responsibility in Africa and Latin America. Tomas has a long history at the University, completing both his MA and PhD at Manchester. Tomas’ work will examine the Environmental, urban and agrarian research theme.

Tom Lavers is currently a researcher in comparative political economy in the Research Department of the International Labour Organization (ILO). He also leads the Effective States and Inclusive Development project on ‘the political economy of social protection expansion in Africa’. Tom’s research focuses on social policy, agrarian change and state-society relations. Tom’s work will focus on the politics, governance and management research theme

Rory Horner is currently a Hallsworth Research Fellow at the GDI. His research explores industrial development and international trade, which links to the political economy of globalisation research theme.

We’re looking forward to all three taking up their posts by 1 September 2016.

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