Bina Agarwal awarded Agropolis Fondation Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize

5 June 2017

The award reflects her “Outstanding Career in Agricultural Development”.

Bina Agarwal

Professor Bina Agarwal has been awarded the 2017 Agropolis Fondation Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize an “Outstanding Career in Agricultural Development”. The biennial award is presented by the Agropolis Fondation, Montpellier, to recognise individuals for their exemplary contributions to enhance food and agricultural systems sustainability, food security and poverty reduction. 

Prof Agarwal recently published a compendium of her work, Gender Challenges. This series brings together a selection of her groundbreaking works on agriculture, property rights and the environment. The essays, written over the last three decades combine diverse disciplines, methodologies and cross-country comparisons. They both challenge and illuminate standard economic assumptions from a gender perspective as well as providing original insights on a wide range of theoretical, empirical, and policy issues of continuing importance in contemporary debates.

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