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Global Development Institute

Humanitarianism and development

The group's research focuses on humanitarian intervention, including its ethics, politics and power structures, as well as its relationship to development policies and practice, with a particular focus on (post-) conflict settings.

The group reflects an interest in theoretically analysing dynamics behind humanitarian and developmental interventions and their linkages, but equally to contribute to changes in the practice of intervention. One current publication project interrogates the shifting dynamics of state sovereignty in relation to humanitarian emergencies.

Current projects

Making Peacekeeping Data Work for the International Community (2014-2017)

Funded by: The Economic and Social Research Council

Research group members: Professor Roger MacGinty, Dr Tanja Müller, Professor Bertrand Taithe, Dr Roisin Read

This project is interdisciplinary, comparative, and collaborative with overseas research partners, drawing on data from the UN-African Union Peacekeeping mission to Darfur, particularly data on violent incidents such as attacks on peacekeepers or on civilians.

The project compares UN peacekeeping operations data with other datasets, and compares, through anthropologically-influenced field research, perceptions of conflict held by UN peacekeeping operations with local perceptions of events and patterns of violence in different humanitarian contexts, including violence perpetuated by internal peacekeeping interventions.



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