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Global Development Institute

Organisations in development

Institutions have long attracted the attention of researchers and donors. Organisations, although intuitively acknowledged as significant to the initiation and implementation of development policies, have not attracted the attention they deserve. The inadequate attention paid to systematic research on development organisations is a matter of concern.

The research of our group is founded upon the acknowledgement that organisations play a vital role in international development. Specifically, we see organisations as an important component of the landscape of economic and social institutions which contribute to development. The venue for the practice of ‘development management’, a distinctive orientation to the management of organisations which aims to ensure that organisations produce results that benefit poor people. Hence, the work of this group encompasses:

  • Organizational Development
  • Human Capital development
  • Leadership, Organizations, Institutions and Development
  • Human Resource Practitioners and Development
  • Small Scale Enterprises and Development
  • Management and Implementation of Development Projects



Other academic members

  • Farhad Hossain
  • Beverly Metcalfe 
  • John Hassard 
  • Paul Barry
  • Kate Rowlands
  • Shirley Jenner

Associate Members

Current PGR membership

 Osama Abufarraj 

  • Shafa Alasgarova 
  • Saif Alsinani 
  • Yuan Fang
  • Ning Kang 
  • Foteini Kravariti
  • Anthony Kumasey 
  • Nafisatu Irene Okhade
  • Yiyang Sun
  • Franklin Adorsu-Dje
  • Jemima Clark
  • Shaoheng Li 
  • Tariq Almutlaq 
  • Ruth Sharpe