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Global Development Institute

Poverty and social justice

Poverty and Social Justice (PSJ) is a multi-disciplinary research group that seeks to push the frontiers of poverty research. It critically engages with the global poverty agenda and discusses the theoretical, empirical and policy-relevant research on poverty, vulnerability and global inequality.

The group's research agenda ranges from exploring the dynamics of extreme and chronic poverty to examining the reasons for vulnerability and persisting structural inequalities in addition to analysing various policy interventions such as social protection and civil society's contribution to poverty reduction.

At Poverty and Social Justice we seek to explore four core themes:

  • Poverty dynamics and cross-disciplinary analyses of poverty and inequality    
  • Conceptualisation of poverty and wellbeing in the Global North and the Global South
  • Relationship between growth, inequality and poverty
  • Power relations, social justice and the politics of poverty reduction

Current projects

Youth, poverty and inequality in urban Tanzania

Funded by: The Economic and Social Research Council

Research group members: Dr Nicola Banks

In exploring the impact of rapidly expanding youth populations in the context of the urbanisation of poverty and its implications on the social and economic lives of Tanzania’s youth, this research breaks new ground in exploring new perspectives and new interpretations of what it means to be young and searching for livelihoods in the city amidst endemic poverty, inequality and limited institutional support.
It will identify the strategies youth deploy in a context of urban poverty for survival and advancement, and how these are influenced by age, gender and geographic location.



Other academic members

Current PGR membership

  • Jemima Clarke
  • Sally Cawood
  • Simon Chin-Yee
  • You-ah Chung
  • Subhasish Dey
  • Eyob Blacha Gebremariam
  • Aarti Krishnan
  • Chris Lyon
  • Daniele Malerba
  • Kate Pruce
  • Muhammad Siddiquee
  • Helen Underhill
  • Bala Yusuf
  • Gabriela Zapata Roman
  • Alejandra Ortiz Garcia
  • Laura Hirst