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Our PhD researchers regularly contribute articles to our development@manchester blog.

Chris Lyon looks at corruption in Brazil

 Virgi Sari covers Alan Winters lecture at the GDI

Aarti Krishnan and Corinna Braun-Munzinger discuss the talk by Karamat Ali, 

Chris Lyon looks at the political situation in Brazil

Corinna Braun-Munzinger discusses the Development Studies Association Conference 

Luis Eduardo Perez Murcia looked at displacement as part of our Habitat 3 coverage

Natalie Langford looks ahead to the Rising Powers conference in India

Judith Krauss discusses the lessons that can be learnt from the University's Sustainability Challenge 

Judith Krauss on the starting your PhD

Daniele Malerba reflects on the Development Studies Association conference

Daniele Malerba discusses his latest research project

Judith Krauss reports from a recent masterclass with Hubert Escaith

Luis Eduardo Pérez Murcia discusses the plight of refugees

Corinna Braun-Munzinger discusses Tim Barley's recent masterclass at the GDI

Gabriela Zapata Roman reflects on the panel with Secretary for International Development, Justine Greening MP

Chris Lyon, PhD researcher at the GDI commented on the ongoing political crisis in Brazil and its implications on development

Read some of the narratives collected as part of Luis Eduardo Perez Murcia's PhD research

Aarti Krishnan, a PhD researcher at the GDI reflects on the recent American Association of Geographers conference 2016

Aarti Krishnan, a PhD researcher at the GDI sums up her experience of carrying out fieldwork.

Judith Krauss reflects on Tania Li's masterclass and lecture at the GDI.

Following Branko Milanovic's visit to the GDI, Daniele Malerba, reflects on the affect of inequality on migration.

Laura Hirst investigates fire and rescue services, community participation and humanitarian assistance in Macedonia

Jonas Bruun, PhD candidate researching climate finance and the UN Green Climate Fund, blogs on what he felt the COP21 summit really achieved.