Adeela K. Zubair

Adeela, from Pakistan, is studying MSc Development Economics at the University's Global Development Institute (GDI).

On my course

Adeela K. Zubair

The University of Manchester is not just another university. It carries a rich heritage of world-renowned academicians, paving the way for research, innovation and professional excellence.

With a previous academic background in economics and development studies and professional work experience in the development sector, I chose to study at The University of Manchester when I was awarded the prestigious British Chevening scholarship. The University of Manchester is privileged to be home of Nobel laureate Sir Arthur Lewis, who is recognised as the pioneer of development economics. Building on the strong foundations laid by Dr Lewis, the School has prominent names like Dr David Hulme, Dr Osman Ouattara, Dr Katshushi Imai, Dr Kunal Sen, Dr Khalid Nadvi and Dr Bina Agarwal.

In Britain, a master's course is packed into one year, unlike most other countries. At the end of the first semester, we were all left flabbergasted by the vastness and depth of our understanding in such a short span of time. It is not an easy course; it may require quite a lot of study hours with some sleepless nights as well. But at the end of the year, the transformation is immense and completely worth it.

On life in Manchester

The University of Manchester thrives with students from around the world. Manchester is a city with a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic population, which makes it very homely. The best thing about Manchester is the availability of a wide range of cuisines.

On the student experience

As an international student, The University of Manchester is most homely. You can come across someone from your own country or region almost daily. You can’t feel homesick while in Manchester because of the rich diversity of the city.

The one-year master's course is very comprehensive. The courses are well planned and well executed, but if you pile up your readings until the end of the semester then it can be a nightmare. The key is to study before and after every class. Time management is essential in order to secure good grades and complete assignments on time.

On my future

I have a network of development professionals from different countries who work jointly on development projects around the world. I plan to assist young graduates of The University of Manchester in work placements through my network.

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