Evelyn Avalos Cortez

MSc International Development: Globalisation, Trade and Industry

Why did you choose to study at The University of Manchester?

Evelyn Avalos Cortez

Evelyn Avalos received a Global Development Institute (GDI) Scholarship to study a MSc in International Development (Globalisation, Trade and Industry) at The University of Manchester. This scholarship covered tuition fees which allowed her to study at the University of Manchester- one of the most prestigious Universities worldwide- and in the Global Development Institute- ranked in the world’s top 10 for Development Studies.

Prior to obtaining a GDI scholarship, Evelyn worked in the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador as a policy trade negotiator for 2 years and had international exposure working as an intern in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (Washington D.C., United States), the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (Geneva, Switzerland), and the World Bank Group country office (El Salvador).

Her career and academic choices were guided by her passion for human rights and development. The comprehensive and interdisciplinary applied course on International Development, offered by the University of Manchester, fit her background and passion. A mix of passion in international development, excellent curricula led by experts, the real economic possibility of studying through a scholarship, in one of the most iconic cities in England, made an easy decision for The University of Manchester as the next step in her career.

The Globalisation, Trade and Industry pathway was an excellent opportunity to learn about Economic Development, Trade and Development Theory, Migration and Development, amongst other first-class modules led by world experts on the topics. One of the key skills developed during her masters was critical thinking, and as a Spanish native-speaker, academic writing in a second language (English).

Future career choices…

Without a doubt, the academic connections and exposure throughout her masters opened doors in Evelyn’s life. Before finishing her masters, she heard of a PhD opportunity at the University of Dundee, Scotland, through the University of Manchester communications team. The PhD opportunity consisted of researching the impact of forced displacement on the wellbeing and livelihoods of older refugees in Uganda. After gaining a more refined understanding of the link between migration and development through her masters, including a fieldtrip to Uganda for research purposes, Evelyn felt confident to apply for this PhD position and to dedicate another part of her life to learn and do research in one of the most pressing issues facing humanity.

 Evelyn has got the PhD position and now she is a third-year PhD student in Human Geography at the University of Dundee, Scotland. She comments about this:

 “Studying at the University of Manchester had a salient impact on my career choices. First, it developed my understanding and critical thinking on development and its impact on people’s lives with particular emphasis on those who are most vulnerable. Second, the network and prestige of the University of Manchester made me aware of other opportunities that further contributed to my self-development. Conducting research for my doctoral investigation on the topic of forced displacement and its impact on older people has also provided me with a venue to give back through high-quality research and recommendations in this global issue.

I am truly grateful to the University of Manchester for granted me the opportunity to study International Development which, in turn, facilitated other career choices. I would also encourage prospective students to study at The University of Manchester as it can truly make a difference in your life. I treasure my memories during my year in Manchester, I met amazing people and friends from many corners of the world during this experience. I invite you to be part of the big University of Manchester family”.