Faith Adiorho

Faith is an MSc International Development student from Nigeria, who previously worked as a Realtor before choosing to study for her postgraduate degree.

On choosing my master's degree

Faith Adiorho

I was working as a realtor for a real estate firm in Nigeria before I chose to pursue my master’s course.

I chose to study international development as I did my undergraduate degree in international relations; international development was one aspect of the course that I found most compelling and practical, especially when thinking about sustainable development.

I chose Manchester as it's ranked highly in the world as both a university and for international development studies. Its great student support was a major attraction, too.

On my course

The highlight of my course so far has been discovering a particular field that I had no idea about and it’s wonderful how I am considering pursuing a doctorate in that field now.

The most challenging part has been that it’s a bit new to me. The fact that I had to write a critical review early on was a bit overwhelming, but I have learnt to adapt.

On moving to Manchester

Moving here was exciting. The best thing about the city is the amazing smiling faces you get to meet daily. The weather was a little bit difficult to adjust to, but it gets better.

A highlight of my course was actually ‘Planning Development’ in one of my course units.

On life after graduation

I have come to discover that I have so many options after my graduation. I could either do another postgraduate degree, or take advantage of the employment opportunities that have been made available to me in my field of study here. I have been fully equipped to do either of the two!