Irene Njoroge

Irene graduated from Organisational Change and Development MSc in 2009 and is now employed as Workplace Inclusion Strategist.

On my course

Irene Njoroge

The reputation of the University was my main driving factor in choosing to study Organisational Change and Development MSc. I knew I wanted to work in Human Resources but studying in the Global Development Institute (which was IDPM when I attended) introduced me to HR in International Development. This influenced my decision to work in the non-profit sector which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I was able to develop strategic thinking skills which I did not realise until I had to utilise them. I also met my husband at the University (he was in the Alliance Manchester Business School).

On my career development

I’m now employed as Workplace Inclusion Strategist, where I work with youth who face various barriers to employment to ensure their full participation in the labour market. I also work with employers, advocating for inclusive employment.

The focus of the program on HR strategies for Organisational Change and Development has been the guiding force of my current role when I talk to employers on how diversity and inclusion can lead to development within the organisation.

On my advice to prospective students

Open your mind to different possibilities. The University of Manchester opens you to a global perspective which gives you an edge in the world. It is the best decision any person could make!