Maria Ines Garcia

MSc Human Resources Development

Why did you choose to study at The University of Manchester?

Maria Ines Garcia

I am from Guayaquil, Ecuador.  I chose to study in The University of Manchester as it was the curriculum that best fitted with my needs. I love the idea that in the course I could choose some education subjects while not being an educational career. I liked the infrastructure and the city.

Why did you choose your particular course?

I wanted to study something related to Human resources as I loved all the work relate to a company´s personnel. However, the MSc in human resources development, offered to mix it with education to help people reach a better self. As I worked in educational field before, it was my perfect match. In my thesis I focused on gender wage gap and the educational levels in the Ecuadorian Context. We explore different factors affecting the wage gap from an educational perspective, an hr perspective and from a female expertise perspective. I had a really good time doing this research. I had the opportunity to come back home to get some interviews for my research. My supervisor was Rory Stanton.

Has your qualification helped you in your career?

More than helping me because of the degree itself, it helped me with the knowledge I gained. It helped me realize how we should act for staff development. As I worked in a management role as sub-coordinator, having around 60 teachers to work with, having gained those skills was really helpful.

Where then any specific modules or lecturers who particularly inspired you?

I loved the Gender & Development Module, & the Learning, Training & Development Module. I had them with Rory and Kate, respectively, I just loved them. 

What is your best memory from your time at Manchester? 

I loved our South Africa field trip; we had an amazing learning opportunity over there. I loved making friends from around the world, which I am still in contact with. I had a really good time, watched some football games, concerts, had some picnics, went to parties, played volleyball for the UoM first team. I might say, I had it all, and I still miss it every day.

Do you have any tips or advice for current or prospective students? 

I would strongly recommend it. I would advise to check your research and writing skills because it is an important part of the course. As a Spanish native speaker, sometimes it was hard to get used to the UK English, however you manage to get through and actually learn it. Be open minded and learn from the people that are different from you. Get a plan of what are you going to do next, if you plan to stay working there, do the applications with a lot of anticipation as it takes time. If you decide it at the end, it may be too late.