Monica Manjoosha

Monica is originally from India. After several years working in a technical IT role after her undergraduate degree, she decided to expand her career opportunities by studying MSc Management and Information Systems: Change and Development at The University of Manchester.

On my reasons for choosing to study at Manchester

Monica Manjoosha

I’ve a technical background from my previous job. But, I’ve always been more interested in the non-technical managerial roles. Doing a master’s will open doors to new opportunities and ease switching my domain. However, I don’t want to leave the IT sector either. Hence, a master’s course in Management of the Information Systems will help me achieve my planned goals.

On my learning experience so far 

I spend around eight hours per week in online classes and 40 hours per week in private study. I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people and the discussions conducted in the lectures and the breakout rooms have been a highlight of the course.

As any questions or queries need to be addressed online, it sometimes is time-consuming going back and forth over emails or other electronic modes. However, the faculty and staffs are always willing to help and all responses are received almost immediately with precision.

Dealing with subjects like International Management, Organisational Development and Information and Communication Technology has helped broaden my horizon and understanding of the organizational psychology and resource management. With all my subjects related to human management in the first semester, I’m looking forward to the more information management-oriented subjects the next semester.

On my student experience at Manchester 

It feels like student life suits me! It’s been an experience being here. The city of Manchester hosts a diversity of culturally different people. The ambience puts you at ease and makes you feel so much at home. So far, we have only had our classes online and not had the chance to meet my course mates offline. However, I’ve not experienced any cultural difference yet and my experience has indeed been a pleasant one.

Due to the Covid situation, I’m not involved in extracurricular activities, but I do work as a Unibuddy ambassador for the university advising future students.

On my accommodation  

I live in student accommodation on Oxford Road. As the name suggests, it only allows students within the campus. My flatmates are also doing a Master’s or PhD, hence it’s convenient to be motivated all the time.

On my plans for life after graduation 

Everyone wants a successful career and a dream job. Well, I’m not any different. Having worked for 4 years in a global IT firm as a developer, I’ve got a technical background. However, my job just taught me what I do not want to do. I’ve always been more inclined towards managing the time and work for other people than doing the work myself.

I plan to start as an Associate Manager or a Junior project/product manager. However, I aim to target the post of Product Manager. With an active and hospitable staff to help guide me through these tough times and having such a prestigious university to back me up, I can not help but impel and push myself to actuate towards my target. This course has only made my resolve more firm and my resolution to achieve my goal clearer.

On my tips for future students 

I’d suggest the students to not be baffled by the new environment. There is not much of the cultural difference here than that back home so settling down would be an easy job.

The orientation programme is easy to understand and will guide you through the course work. Do follow the instructions carefully and the course will be a smooth sail.

Let your hard work, work hard! You are always a student all your life. Try to make most of your time here. All the very best for the future up ahead!