Rachel Berng Mujaya

Rachel, from Tanzania, is studying MSc International Development: Globalization, Trade, and Industry at the University's Global Development Institute (GDI).

On my course

 Rachel Berng Mujaya

After finishing my undergraduate studies, I got involved in volunteering work, and this sparked my interest to pursue a career in international development. I became interested in the course because of the opportunity to do fieldwork in Uganda. I found this fascinating because it allows you to put in practice what you have learned in class, and is a great way to prepare for a career in international development.

I spend roughly ten hours a week in class and two or more hours every day studying privately.

On the student experience

My experience as an international student is amazing. The University of Manchester is the most diverse university I have ever encountered, and each day I meet people from all over the world. The culture here is very welcoming, and people are very kind and helpful. This is very refreshing and makes you feel part of the family. I have participated in events through the International Society which has enabled me to go on affordable trips around the UK with other students.

There's literally so much to do - the people are very kind, the city is easily accessible, and the University has great resources to enhance your learning.

On my future

My plan will be to find a steady job in the UK, while I build my NGO slowly in Tanzania.

I am so grateful for how Manchester genuinely tries to make my learning experience fun, academic driven, future-oriented, and safe. I enjoy the different events and activities offered, such as the career services, the counselling services, the AGL workshops and library workshops.

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