Richard Sean Lobo

Richard, from India, is studying MSc Development Economics and Policy at the University's Global Development Institute (GDI).

On my course

Richard Sean Lobo

The course provided a well-balanced mix of economics and public policy units, which I felt was essential for economists working in development. Additionally, as the course is delivered by the Global Development Institute (GDI), one of the best development institutes in the world, being a part of the course would provide me with the opportunity to learn from leading researchers in the field while being able to interact with like-minded individuals.

On my scholarship

The scholarship application process was easy and information regarding the scheme was easily accessible. The University staff were also very prompt in answering my queries and this further helped me with my application.

Being awarded this scholarship has no doubt been the highlight of my life. I felt grateful and honoured to be the recipient of such a competitive and prestigious award. I also felt a sense of responsibility in ensuring I excel and prove my worth.

Receiving the scholarship has strengthened my confidence in my abilities and has inspired me to work towards always striving to achieve greater things.

On the student experience

I volunteer at Oxfam and am a member of the Manchester University Music Society. I would definitely recommend volunteering as it provides a great experience and helps you develop organisational and time management skills. Additionally, being a part of a society that is engaged in something you are passionate about helps you enjoy your time at university.

My international student experience in Manchester has been very pleasant. I found people to be very helpful and welcoming. The culture did not surprise me too much as I lived in a big city in India and life there is very similar. 

The best part about living and studying in Manchester is its diversity. I have been able to interact with people from all over the world and learn about their culture.

The one tip I would have for any students coming from India would be to make sure they interact with students from different countries and experience their culture. When I first got here I felt slightly overwhelmed, as it was my first time living away from home. However, this feeling lasted only a few days and I soon began to enjoy this new experience.  The orientation programmes were very helpful in preparing me for what I would need to do.

On my future

I recently finished my application for the ODI Fellowship Scheme, my first preference for employment. I will also be applying for other graduate jobs and internships in the field of development in the coming months.

I believe the brilliant reputation of the University and GDI, coupled with the quality of teaching and guidance, will provide me with the best possible support to achieve my career objectives.

The entire experience has been amazing. I've learned from some of the best researchers in development, interacted with classmates who hold varied development related jobs all around the world, and gained insight into different working areas of the field through guest lectures from distinguished individuals.

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