Shiyu Deng

Shiyu is studying Management and Implementation of Developing Projects MSc at the Global Development Institute.

On choosing your course

Shiyu Deng

After completing her undergraduate degree, Shiyu decided to study Management and Implementation of Developing Projects MSc at the GDI as the career opportunities of this programme were in line with her career plans.

On your student experience

Despite her time at Manchester being affected by the COVID pandemic, Shiyu appreciated the work that the University has done to make her time viable, providing her with all the resources she needed. One of her highlights were the various, useful dissertation webinars that helped her complete her thesis. When questioned about her experience living in Manchester, Shiyu said, “Living in such an inclusive and energetic city is absolutely amazing!”

On your experience as international student

Shiyu is originally from China. While she describes her first experience with Western culture as “shocking”, she also mentions that her experience turn out to be positive and interesting:

“The kind of odd thing is that I thought I would make more British friends since I am going to a university in the UK, but surprisingly, I barely know any British colleagues. On the other side, I am really appreciative that I got to know some other friends from other parts of the world, and they are so nice, I really heard and learned a lot during our international communication, with each of us representing our countries from four continents of the world.”

On your advice for prospective international students

When questioned about her advice for any prospective, international students, Shiyu mentions:

“Firstly, have an open mind towards every novel thing and be respectful to others. Secondly, show initiative to things that you desire and plan to archive them. And thirdly, do not hesitate to seek help from the University or friends, life or study.”

On your future

Shiyu tells us: “I might go back to China, start with an intern job and hopefully become a regular employee. This year at Manchester will definitely became my most memorable experience, including all my struggles and lessons learned, along with my independence, interpersonal, problem solving skills and many more.”