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Global Development Institute

Global Development Institute Lecture Series

The Global Development Institute Lecture Series brings together scholars involved in cutting edge research on international development. It aims to facilitate dialogue and discussion, providing a space for leading development thinkers to share their latest research ideas.


All lectures 5.00-6.30pm (unless otherwise stated)

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Wednesday 4 October
University Place
Theatre B

Prof Diana Mitlin, The University of Manchester
Urban development and inequalities

Thursday 26 October
University Place
Theatre B

Prof Dani Rodrik, Harvard
Global Development Institute Annual Lecture
Economics of populism

Wednesday 15 November
2 - 3.30pm
Location TBC

Prof AbdouMaliq Simone, University of South Australia
Compression as urban tissue: collective operations in the looming darkness-- Jakarta, Hyderabad and Delhi

Wednesday 29 November
Roscoe Building
Theatre B

Prof William Ferguson, Grinnell College
Adrian Leftwich Annual Lecture
Collective action, inequality and development

Wednesday 13 December
University Place
Theatre B

Dr Irene Guijt, Oxfam
Evidence for Influencing: Balancing research integrity and campaign strategy in Oxfam



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