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Global Development Institute

Highlights of recent journal articles

Abdulai, A. and Hickey,S. "The politics of development under competitive clientelism: Insights from Ghana's education sector" African Affair (2016)

Horner, R. "A New Economic Geography of Trade and Development? Governing South–South Trade, Value Chains and Production Networks" Territory, Politics, Governance (2016)

Hickey, Sam, and King, Sophie. "Understanding social accountability: politics, power and building new social contracts." The Journal of Development Studies(2016)

Sarah Bracking. "Performativity in the Green Economy: how far does climate finance create a fictive economy?" Third World Quarterly 36, no. 12(2015) : 2337-2357.

Armando Barrientos. "'A veritable Mountain of Data and Years of Endless Statistical Manipulation': Methods in the Three Worlds and After." Social Policy and Society(2015)

Ralitza Dimova, Sumon Bhaumik, Ira Gang. "Is women’s ownership of land a panacea in developing countries?"(2015)

Nicola Banks, David Hulme and Michael Edwards. "NGOs, States and Donors Revisited: Still Too Close for Comfort?" World Development 66(2015)

Duncombe, Richard Anthony. "Mobile Phones, Agricultural and Rural Development: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions." The European Journal of Development Research(2015) 

Lucy Moore and Tim Jacoby. "Islam and Conflict Transformation." Peace Review 27, no. 3(2015) : 275-279.

Kothari U Susanne Schech, Anuradha Mundkur, Tracey Skelton. "New spaces of development partnership: rethinking international volunteering." Progress in Development Studies(2015)