Academic staff

The Global Development Institute is made up of over 50 academics from over five continents and 18 different countries. We are driven by the desire to advance social justice by conducting world-class, interdisciplinary research that achieves real impact.

Find out more about our staff and visit their profile pages for further information. A number of our researchers offer PhD supervision, find out more about some of our PhD supervisors

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Academic staff

Dr Lawrence Ado-Kofie
Lecturer in Development Economics

Research specialism: development economics.

Prof Bina Agarwal
Professor in Development Economics and Environment

Research specialisms: gender inequality, agrarian change, environmental governance, property and land rights, group farming.

Dr Shamel Azmeh 
Lecturer in Technology, Labour and Production

Research specialisms: global value chains, political economy, trade, labour, technology.

Dr Nicola Banks
Senior Lecturer in International Development: Urban Development and Global Urbanism

Research specialisms: Tanzania, employment, youth, urban, NGOs.

Dr Oliver Bakewell 
Senior Lecturer in Migration Studies

Research specialisms: migration, mobility and refugees, Africa, migration and development, diasporas, integration and belonging.

Prof Armando Barrientos
Emeritus Professor of Poverty and Social Justice

Research specialisms: development economics, social protection, social assistance, Latin America.

Prof Stephanie Barrientos
Emeritus Professor in Development Policy

Research specialisms: global value chains, gender, corporate responsibility, production labour.

Mr Paul Barry
Honorary Teaching Fellow

Research specialisms: management, organisational behaviour.

Dr Tanja Bastia

Research specialisms: migration, Latin America, gender, race and ethnicity, social inequalities.

Prof Anthony Bebbington
Professorial Research Fellow

Research specialisms: governance.

Dr Pritish Behuria
Lecturer in Politics, Governance and Development 

Research specialisms: African political economy, India, industrial policy, finance, state-business relations, energy transitions.

Dr Admos Chimhowu
Senior Lecturer

Research specialisms: land reform, sustainable development, national planning, Zimbabwe.

Dr Upasak Das
Presidential Fellow in the Economics of Poverty Reduction

Research specialisms: development economics, poverty, poverty reduction 

Dr Ralitza Dimova
Reader in Development Economics

Research specialisms: development economics, labour, food, behaviour.

Dr Richard Duncombe 
Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and Development

Research specialisms: ICT4 development, information systems, technology.

Dr Kelechi Ekuma
Lecturer in Governance and Development Leadership

Research specialisms: human resource development, politics of development, the fourth industrial revolution, public policy.

Dr Charis Enns

Presidential Fellow in Socio-Environmental Systems 

Research specialisms: human and environmental geography, political ecology, land

Dr Lujia Feng

Lecturer in Human Resource Management 

Research specialisms: human resources, management.

Prof David Fielding

Professor in Development Economics

Research specialisms: economics of ethnic diversity, the economics of violent conflict, monetary unions, altruism.

Dr Tomas Frederiksen
Lecturer in International Development

Research specialisms: political ecology, corporate social responsibility, extractive industry, mining, sustainability.

Dr Chris Foster 
Presidential Fellow

Research specialisms: digital development, value chains, digital trade, infrastructure, innovation

Dr Ping Gao
Senior Lecturer in Information Systems

Research specialisms: information systems.

Dr Tom Gillespie
Lecturer in Poverty, Inequality and Pro-Poor Politics

Research specialisms: urban, Ghana, housing, social movements, urban development.

Prof Richard Heeks
Professor in Development Informatics

Research specialisms: ICT4D, data justice, digital economy, digital labour, resilience.

Prof Samuel Hickey
Professor in Politics and Development

Research specialisms: governance, social protection, oil, political development.

Dr Rory Horner
Senior Lecturer in Globalisation and Political Economy

Research specialisms: global value chains, pharmaceuticals, trade.

Dr Farhad Hossain
Reader in Development Management and Policy

Research specialism: management.

Prof David Hulme
Professor in Development Studies

Research specialisms: poverty and poverty reduction, the political economy of development, climate change, NGOs and civil society, global inequality.

Prof Tim Jacoby

Research specialisms: Middle East, political violence, faith, culture and humanitarianism

Dr Shirley Jenner
Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Research specialisms: management, human resources.

Dr Nicholas Jepson
Lecturer in International Development

Research specialisms: globalisation, political economy, China, socio-economic change.

Prof Uma Kothari
Professor in Migration and Postcolonial Studies

Research specialisms: migration and mobilities, colonialism and postcolonialism, humanitarianism, environmental change, travel and tourism.

Dr Aarti Krishnan
Hallsworth Research Fellow

Research specialisms: trade, food, agriculture, global value chains.

Dr David Lawson
Senior Lecturer in Development Economics and Public Policy

Research specialisms: extreme poverty, access to justice, economic growth, cash transfers.

Dr Tom Lavers
Senior Lecturer in Politics, Governance and Management

Research specialisms: Ethiopia, comparative political economy, agrarian change, social policy, state-society relations.

Prof Aminu Mamman
Professor of Management and International Development

Research specialisms: management, human resources.

Prof Diana Mitlin
Professor in Global Urbanism / Director of Global Urban Research Centre

Research specialisms: urban, collective action, housing, urban planning.

Dr Negar Monazam Tabrizi 
Lecturer in Information Systems and Digital Development

Research specialisms: ICT4 development, information systems, technology.

Prof Caroline Moser
Emeritus Professor

Research specialisms: urban, gender, housing.

Prof Tanja Müller
Professor in Political Sociology

Research specialisms: citizenship, global solidarity, refugees, revolutions, the horn of Africa.

Prof Khalid Nadvi
Professor in International Development

Research specialisms: political economy, global value chains, production, global standards, corporate social responsibility.

Dr Johan Oldekop
Senior Lecturer in Environment and Development

Research specialisms: conversation, sustainability, forests.

Dr Osman Ouattara
Senior Lecturer in Development Economics

Research specialisms: development economics, environment.

Dr Rose Pritchard
Presidential Fellow in Socio-Environmental Systems

Research specialisms: agriculture, rural livelihoods

Dr Chris Rees
Reader in Human Resources and Organisational Change

Research specialisms: organisational change, human resources, management.

Dr Jaco Renken
Lecturer in Information and Communication Technology for Development

Research specialisms: ICT4 development, digital development, data-intensive development, development champions, leadership information systems.

Dr Kate Rowlands
Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Research specialisms: organisational change, human resources, management.

Dr Antonio Savoia
Senior Lecturer in Development Economics

Research specialisms: development economics, governance, development finance.

Dr Seth Schindler
Senior Lecturer in Urban Development and Urban Transformation

Research specialisms: urban, urban planning, deindustrialization, urban transformation.

Prof Kunal Sen
Professor in Development Economics & Policy

Research specialisms: India, development, economics, political economy, growth, social exclusion.

Dr Rory Stanton
Lecturer in Human Resource Development

Research specialisms: Human resource development, human resources.

Dr Annika Surmeier

Marie Curie-Sklodowska-Curie Global Fellow

Research specialisms: economic geography, social innovation, value chains

Dr Gindo Tampubolon
Lecturer in Poverty, Inequality and Growth

Research specialisms: digital health, healthy ageing, blood biomarkers, cognitive function, longitudinal study.

Dr Matthew Tyce
EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Research specialisms: Kenya

Dr Vidhya Unnikrishnan
Lecturer in Development Economics

Research specialisms: economics, development economics.

Professor Dale Whittington
Professor of International Development

Research specialisms: water, dams.

Prof Philip Woodhouse
Emeritus Professor

Research specialisms: irrigation, agriculture, environment.

Dr Yin-Fang Zhang
Senior Lecturer in Development Economics

Research specialisms: development economics, China, corporate governance.

Research associates

Dr Ezana Haddis Weldeghebrael
GCRF Visiting Fellow

Dr Matt Walsham
Research Associate, South-South Migration Hub

Dr Roshan Adhikari
Research Associate, FutureDAMS

Dr Barnaby Dye
Research Associate, FutureDAMS

Mesghina Abraha
Research Associate, Transnational lived citizenship: Practices of citizenship as political belonging among emerging diasporas in the Horn of Africa.

Dr Giovanni Pasquali
Research Associate; Shifting South: decent work in regional value chains and South-South trade

Senior Tutors

Dr Ning Kang

Dr Irene Okhade

Dr Chisom Ubabukoh

Dr Qingna Zhou

Dr Chris Lyons

Dr Erla Thrandardottir

Dr Emrah Atar

Dr Aparna Venkatesan

Dr Ye Hou

Dr Zhu Yichen

Dr Ngoc Bich Ngo Thi

Dr Jing Ma