Research Groups

The Global Development Institute is driven by the desire to advance social justice by conducting world-class, interdisciplinary research that achieves real impact.

Research at the Global Development Institute is focussed around our research groups. Within each group you’ll find our latest research projects, publications, activities as well as profiles of the academics involved. 

GDI research groups have some common themes. Understanding and addressing poverty and inequality remains a key focus; and we lead The University of Manchester’s Global Inequalities Research Beacon.

Many of our research projects address environmental and natural resource concerns; and many recognise (both directly and indirectly) the centrality of politics and power to development outcomes and engage with the imperatives of political change and policy and programme reform.

Finally our research groups are sensitive to the importance of context, recognising that while we live in a globalizing world, the impacts of globalization are varied, uneven and should not be taken for granted.

Beyond GDI, The University of Manchester itself provides a first class base for inter-disciplinary partnerships.  We work closely with the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, the Manchester Urban Institute, the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, and with many individual academics within the University from Engineering, Geography, Education, Economics, Politics, and Medicine amongst others.