Careers and employability

Teaching and research at the Global Development Institute covers a broad range of areas and as a result our alumni can be found in a variety of jobs and careers working towards addressing inequality and development.

Government and policy

Our alumni can be found working in governments, multilateral organisations and policy-influencing positions around the world.

  • Head of Public Service Department in Brunei Darussalam
  • British High Commissioner to the Republic of Mozambique
  • Capacity Building and Social Development Advisor for a Finnish government-financed agribusiness programme
  • Programme Coordinator at United Nations Development Programme in China
  • Principal Assistant Director at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in Malaysia


Our teaching and research aims are suited to work in non-government and third-sector organisations and civil society organisations.

Our graduates take on a wide range of roles from directors, consultants, HR, and more.

  • Executive Director of ORG, a leading South Sudanese civil society organisation
  • Campaigns and Communications Coordinator for ‘Why Slavery?’, an anti-slavery campaign in Denmark
  • Founder and CEO of People Environment and Sustainability (PEAS) Foundation, an NGO providing education and teaching green skills to young women
  • Programme Officer for Global Giving in the UK
  • Chief Executive Officer for the New South Wales umbrella group Youth Action
  • Market Linkages Facilitator of exporting quality, for the NGO IESC, funded by the USDA

Private sector

Our focus on how businesses and the private sector can play a role in development allows many students to gain employment in multi-national organisations and private sector firms, or start up their own organisations to tackle development.

  • Consultant at Steer Economic Development in Manchester
  • Co-founder of Aviscous, a start-up developing solutions for businesses in India, Kazakhstan and other countries
  • Personnel Officer at Egerton University, the premier agricultural public University in Kenya
  • CEO of Precision HR, and also Secretary General of the Human Resources Managers Association of Uganda
  • Associate Consultant in Disruption at PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Delivering organisational change as Deputy Manager of Korean Fortune 500 company, Doosan

Research and teaching

Many of our students go on to further study and find employment in research and teaching positions at universities and research institutes around the world.


  • Postdoctoral Research Associate in Environment and Society at Brown University, USA
  • Research Fellow in Urban Sanitation at The University of Sheffield
  • Researcher for the Effective States and Inclusive Development research centre

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