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Global Development Institute

Politics, governance and management

Politics, governance and management

Building more effective and inclusive institutions that can deliver development constitutes one of the most significant challenges faced by governments and communities in the Global South.

Our research on governance and management investigates the processes through which development institutions become both more effective and inclusive, across a range of key actors and organisations, including governmental and non-governmental institutions from the global through to the local.

In particular, this research theme addresses the following questions:

  • Capacity: how do governments, organisations and the individuals within them develop the capabilities required to promote a more socially just world?
  • Inclusion: how can institutions become more inclusive of and accountable to citizens and how can new technologies help this?
  • Relationships/networks: How do power relations between different groups determine the ways in which institutions emerge and function in practice and how can productive and socially just relationships be enabled and built?

Identifying innovative forms of, and approaches to, governance and management constitutes an important and cross-cutting focus of our research.

Our teaching agenda:

People and publications:

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PhD Researchers and Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Asieh Yousefnejad Shomali
  • Kate Pruce
  • Zhen Chen
  • Heiner Janus
  • Nafisatu Irene Okhade
  • Edward Ampratwum
  • Issifu Amadu
  • Kerstin Rieger
  • Matthew Walsham
  • Mohammed Ibrahim
  • Bethany Coleman
  • Kubra Mertek
  • Sarah Redicker
  • Samuel Stratford
  • Katia Schlipfenbacher
  • Luyao Huang
  • Osama Abufarraj
  • Ning Kang
  • Yuan Fang
  • Hana Alsultan
  • Yuttachai Inpa
  • Bridgit Kabah
  • Daniel Diaz Vera
  • Duaa Alshareef
  • Emrah Atar
  • Johanna Aguilera Muñoz
  • Kunkanit Sutamchai
  • Maria Alvarez Figueroa
  • Mohammad Hasan
  • Rukaiyatu Jungudo
  • Othman Usman
  • Qian Wen
  • Xi Xi
  • Ibrahim Al Oqail

News and insights: