Current PhD researchers

The Rory and Elizabeth Brooks Doctoral College has more than 70 PhD researchers.

Toritsesan Erumi

Women-Owned SMEs in Developing Economies, e-Business and Inclusive Innovation: The Case of Nigeria

Luis Rivera Illingworth

The Digital Divide in the Era of Big Data: New Dimensions and Measurements

Mapenzie Tauzie

Youth, innovative farming and access to land: An Exploration of Young Farmers Experiences and access

Nahid Farnaz

Financial Development and Income Inequality

Mohd Helmi Abu Yahya

Homelessness and the Political Agenda in Southeast Asia: The Case Study of Malaysia

Kerstin Rieger

Displacement and Vulnerability: Understanding the consequences of multi-hazards in Post-Earthquake Nepal

Mohammed Ibrahim

The politics of social protection in Ghana : ideas, actors and incentives

Edward Ampratwum

The politics shaping the implementation of the Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) program in Ghana

Xinlun Jiang

Analysing national policy for China’s Fin-tech development

Bridgit Kabah

Best Practices of OECD NGOs and Their Applicability to National NGOs in Ghana: Challenges and Opportunities from Management Perspective

Jeongseong Lee

Hybrid donorship: Korean aid and the political economy of international development cooperation

Bookie Ezeomah

Institutional Change and Emerging Digital Platforms in Agricultural Development: A Nigerian Case Study

Thanh Bui

Essays on empirical development economics

Gabriele Restelli

The effects of foreign aid on international migration to Europe

Ambarish Karamchedu

Continuity, change or ¿crisis¿? The political economy of agrarian change in Telangana from 1991 to present

Mariana Lopez Rodriguez

Gender-Environmental relations in Global Production Networks: a study of the disposal of menstrual hygiene products

Johanna Aguilera Muñoz

New public management and healthcare system performance in Chile

Kunkanit Sutamchai

The Influence of Mindfulness on Ethical Leadership: A study of Buddhist Mindfulness Practices among Organisational Leaders in Thailand

Daniel Diaz Vera

Governance and Accountability within the NGO sector in Chile: An analysis of its implementation and practices

Duaa Alshareef

Developing the management of kindergarten Institutions in the light of Strategic Management Approach in k.S.A

Mohammad Asad-Uz-Zaman

Impact of Government Revenue expenditure, Current transfer (social safety net programs) and Development expenditure on GDP Growth and Poverty in Bangladesh

Basma Mahmoud

Leveraging Positive Deviance through the Use of Big Data

Xi Xi

The effects of newcomer socialization on organisational readiness for change

Kaiyu Xu

The research of the Crowd funding Ecosystem in China

Maria Alvarez Figueroa

Building Citizenship in Chile: Analysing the impact of dictatorial and post-dictatorial educative policies in the citizenship behaviours manifested by school districts¿ staff

Beletchei Ebia

Upgrading Traders in GVCs : Togolese Women Traders and the Sale of African Print Textiles

Qian Wen

The Research and Model Building of the Strategic International Human

Kubra Mertek

The Post-Cold War Era and The Humanitarian Principles: An Analysis of the ICRC¿ s Discourse in The Syrian Civil War

Rukaiyatu Jungudo

Development of a strategy for reintegrating internally displaced pupils in mainstream schools: A case study of North-eastern and South-southern Regions of Nigeria

Samuel Stratford

The development and role of Uganda's hydraulic bureaucracy 

Bethany Coleman


Sarah Redicker

The economics of dams and their impact on irrigation systems and agricultural livelihoods

Ibrahim Al Oqail

Role of Leadership in Public Sector Organisational Change: The Case of Health Sector in Najran Region

Magaly Duarte Urquhart

Three empirical essays on Public Debt

Mohammad Hasan

Public Sector Organisational Capacity in Crisis Management: A Case Study on Health Service-Providing Organisations in the Context of the Rohingya Refugee Influx in Bangladesh

Guannan Li

The Effect of Aged Adult Child Caregivers on Life Satisfactions and Wellbeing of the Oldest-old in Different Social Classes: Longitudinal evidence from CLHLS

Yidian Meng

How Gender inequality in Individual Level Result in consequences to Aggregate Economic Performance

Thomas Agyekum Kyeremeh

Collaborative Governance Approach towards Decentralising Climate Change Policies into Local Assembly's Development Plans in Ghana

Godfred Amankwaa

From policies to practicalities? Digitisation of water services in Ghana

Epiphania Kimaro

ICTs and Community Libraries in Tanzania

Yue Zhai

The governance of smart city in China

Erika Garcia

Land Readjustment, Slum Upgrading, and City Competitiveness: Case studies from Medellin, Colombia and San José, Costa Rica

Whitney Banyai-Becker

Leaning in to urban social movements: a gendered analysis of Muungano wa Wanavijiji

Md Moslah Uddin

Impact of Community Mobilization interventions in Reducing Ultra Poverty: Evidence from Targeting the Ultra-Poor Programme (TUP), Bangladesh

Mengfei Zhou

The innovation, strategies, and governance of the platform in China: a service ecosystem perspective

Mohammad Alsaqabi

Leadership Styles and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of SMEs in Kuwait

Abdullah Albagieh

Capacity building in local African NGOs by Arabian Gulf international charities

Romasa Rashid

Ultimate and Proximate Determinants of Food Insecurity in Contemporary Zimbabwe

Othman Usman


Andreina Carrillo Espinoza

In-between nations. The transnational agenda of the Venezuelan diaspora in Spain, and Democratic Legitimacy

Clare Cummings


Maria Bohada Rodriguez

Understanding how conflict-induced displacement shapes human agency: a case study in Colombia

Laura Hirst

Understanding fire risk in resource poor urban settlements in Nairobi, Kenya

Alejandra Ortiz Garcia

Inequality and Growth in Mexico, a Regional Approach.

Mariyam Anaa Hassan


Dhanapal Govindarajulu


Abiola Olatunji

Essays on Infrastructural Development in Developing Countries

Di Liu


Neil Mitchell


Maria Jose Ayala Molina


Claudio Navarro Gonzalez


Larry Amartey


Isaac López Moreno Flores


Solahudeen Moomin

Development Partners in Ghana's Democratic and Public Policy Space; Partnership or Patronage?

Nawal Alharbi

The impact of IT flexibility and IT capability in Business-IT strategic alignment: An empirical study in Saudi Arabia

Dilek Celebi


Jianing Song

analysing the factors affecting the motivation of university teachers in China

Christina Nett


Gerald Arhin


Mansoor Alfageer


Julin Liu


Wei Yu


Sha Lyu


Adel Almalki