Current PhD researchers

The Rory and Elizabeth Brooks Doctoral College has more than 70 PhD researchers.

Abdullah Albagieh

Supervisors: Christopher Rees, Mohammad Farhad Hossain

Thesis title: Capacity building in local African NGOs by Arabian Gulf international charities

Abiola Olatunji

Supervisors: Lawrence Ado-Kofie, David Ouattara

Thesis title: Essays on Infrastructural Development in Developing Countries

Adel Almalki

Supervisors: Aminu Mamman, Mohammad Farhad Hossain 

Alejandra Ortiz Garcia

Supervisors: David Ouattara, Antonio Savoia

Thesis title: Inequality and Growth in Mexico, a Regional Approach

Amir Bagwanje

Supervisors: David Ouattara, Lawrence Ado-Koffie 

Andreina Carrillo Espinoza

Supervisors: Uma Kothari, Tanja Bastia

Thesis title: Lejos Pero no Ausente: Exploring Homeland-Oriented Political Mobilisation of Venezuelan Migrants in Spain.

Anna Thurlbeck

Supervisors: Tom  Lavers, David Fielding 

Arfan Winasis

Supervisors: David Ouattara, Admos Chimhowu 

Armando Caroca Fernandez

Supervisors: Tomas Frederiksen, Erik  Swyngydouw 

Astria Nabila

Supervisors: Tim Jacoby, Gindo Tampoboulon 

Avinash Rao

Supervisors: Kate Rowlands, Christopher Rees 

Thesis title: Employee Value Proposition and Its Impact on Employee Attractiveness and Employee Retention – A Cross Industry Segment Analysis in the Indian Private

Beletchei Ebia

Supervisors: Rory Horner, Tanja Bastia

Thesis title: Upgrading Traders in GVCs: Togolese Women Traders and the Sale of African Print Textiles

Bethany Coleman

Supervisors: Thomas Lavers, David Hulme

Thesis title: Sustainable development for whom? The politics of future hydropower in Tanzania

Bookie Ezeomah

Supervisors: Richard Heeks, Richard Duncombe

Thesis title: Institutional Change and Emerging Digital Platforms in Agricultural Development: A Nigerian Case Study

Bridgit Kabah

Supervisors: Kate Rowlands, Mohammad Farhad Hossain

Thesis title: Best Practices of OECD NGOs and Their Applicability to National NGOs in Ghana: Challenges and Opportunities from Management Perspective

Clare Cummings

Supervisors: Thomas Lavers, Samuel Hickey 

Thesis title: Understanding power relations and institutional change; a critical take on political settlements analysis

Claudio Navarro

Supervisors: Ralitza Dimova, David Fielding 

Dhanapal Govindar Rajulu

Supervisors: Tim Foster, Johan Oldekop 

Di Liu

Supervisors: Rory Stanton, Ping Gao 

Dilek Celebi

Supervisors: Tom Woerner-Powell, Tim Jacoby 

Duaa Alshareef

Supervisors: Kelechi Ekuma, Mohammad Farhad Hossain

Thesis title: Developing the management of kindergarten Institutions in the light of Strategic Management Approach in k.S.A

Epiphania Kimaro

Supervisors: Jaco Renken, Natalie Cunningham, Richard Heeks

Thesis title: Influence of organizational practices and conditions on people performance and project outcomes in ICT4D organizations: Cases from Tanzania and Kenya

Erika Garcia

Supervisors: Admos Chimhowu, Seth Schindler

Thesis title: Land Readjustment, Slum Upgrading, and City Competitiveness: Case studies from Medellin, Colombia and San José, Costa Rica

Gabriele Restelli

Supervisors: Alessia Isopi, David Ouattara

Thesis title: The effects of foreign aid on international migration to Europe

Gerald Arhin

Supervisors: Pritish Behuria, Samuel Hickey 

Gilead Teri

Supervisors: Seth Schindler, Nicholas Jepson 

Gm Sharfaraz

Supervisors: Mohammad Farhad Hossain, Osman Ouattara

Godfred Amankwaa

Supervisors: Alison Browne, Richard Heeks

Thesis title: From policies to practicalities? Digitisation of water services in Ghana

Guannan Li

Supervisors: Asri Maharani, Gindo Tampubolon

Thesis title: The Effect of Aged Adult Child Caregivers on Life Satisfactions and Well being of the Oldest-old in Different Social Classes:Longitudinal evidence from CLHLS

Ibrahim Al Oqail

Supervisors: Aminu Mamman, Mohammad Farhad Hossain

Thesis title: Role of Leadership in Public Sector Organisational Change: The Case of Health Sector in Najran Region

Isaac López-Moreno Flores

Supervisors: Upasak Das, David Fielding 

Isis Barei-Guyot

Supervisors: Thomas Gillespie, Diana Mitlin 

Jeongseong Lee

Supervisors: Jamie Doucette, Admos Chimhowu

Thesis title: Hybrid donorship: Korean aid and the political economy of international development cooperation

Jianing Song

Supervisors: Rory Stanton, Aminu Mamman

Thesis title: analyzing the factors affecting the motivation of university teachers in China

Judy Hofmeyr

Supervisors: Tomas Frederiksen, John Childs 

Julin Liu

Supervisors: Negar Monazam Tabrizi, Ping Gao 

Kaiyu Xu

Supervisors: Yin-Fang Zhang, Ping Gao

Thesis title: The research of the Crowd funding Ecosystem in China

Kubra Mertek

Supervisors: Roisin Read, Tim Jacoby

Thesis title: The Post-Cold War Era and The Humanitarian Principles: An Analysis of the ICRC¿ s Discourse in The Syrian Civil War

Larry Amartey

Supervisors: Mohammad Farhad Hossain, Aminu Mamman 

Laura Hirst

Supervisors: Stephen Jordan, Alfredo Stein Heinemann, Tanja Mueller

Thesis title: Understanding fire risk in resource poor urban settlements in Nairobi, Kenya

Louis Cyuzuzo

Supervisors: Seth Schindler, Kevin Ward 

Luis Rivera Illingworth

Supervisors: Jaco Renken, Richard Heeks

Thesis title: The Digital Divide in the Era of Big Data: New Dimensions and Measurements

Magaly Duarte Urquhart

Supervisors: David Lawson, David Ouattara

Thesis title: Three empirical essays on Public Debt

Mahtab Uddin

Supervisors: David Fielding, Katsushi Imai 

Malte Skov

Supervisors: Oliver Bakewell, Tanja Bastia 

Mansoor Alfageer

Supervisors: Aminu Mamman, Mohammad Farhad Hossain 

Francisca Álvarez-Figueroa

Supervisors: Kate Rowlands, Christopher Rees

Thesis title: Building Citizenship in Chile: Analysing the impact of dictatorial and post-dictatorial educative policies in the citizenship behaviours manifested by school districts' staff

Maria Bohada Rodriguez

Supervisors: Uma Kothari, Tanja Bastia

Thesis title: Understanding how conflict-induced displacement shapes human agency: a case study in Colombia

Maria Jose Ayala Molina

Supervisors: Caitlin Henry, Tanja Bastia 

Mariyam Anaa Hassan

Supervisors: Uma Kothari  

Matt  Hanley

Supervisors: Tim Jacoby  

Md Moslah Uddin

Supervisors: David Hulme, David Lawson

Thesis title: Impact of Community Mobilization interventions in Reducing Ultra Poverty: Evidence from Targeting the Ultra-Poor Programme (TUP), Bangladesh

Mengfei Zhou

Supervisors: Negar Monazam Tabrizi, Ping Gao

Thesis title: The innovation, strategies, and governance of the platform in China: a service ecosystem perspective

Mohammad Alsaqabi

Supervisors: Aminu Mamman, Christopher Rees 

Mohammad Asad-Uz-Zaman

Supervisors: David Lawson, Antonio Savoia

Thesis title: Leadership Styles and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of SMEs in Kuwait

Mohd Helmi Abu Yahya

Supervisors: Sarah Hall, Diana Mitlin

Thesis title: Homelessness and the Political Agenda in Southeast Asia: The Case Study of Malaysia

Namira Samir

Supervisors: David Lawson, David Hulme 

Nawal Alharbi

Supervisors: David Ouattara, Aminu Mamman

Thesis title: The impact of IT flexibility and IT capability in Business-IT strategic alignment: An empirical study in Saudi Arabia

Neil Mitchell

Supervisors: Tomas Frederiksen, David Fielding 

Othman Usman

Supervisors: Aminu Mamman, Kelechi Ekuma 

Romasa Rashid

Supervisors: Mohammad Farhad Hossain, Admos Chimhowu

Thesis title: Ultimate and Proximate Determinants of Food Insecurity in Contemporary Zimbabwe

Rukaiyatu Jungudo

Supervisors: Aminu Mamman, Mohammad Farhad Hossain

Thesis title: Development of a strategy for reintegrateing internally displaced pupils in mainstream schools: A case study of North-eastern and South-southern Regions of Nigeria

Samuel Stratford

Supervisors: Nicholas Jepson, Thomas Lavers

Thesis title: The development and role of Uganda's hydraulic bureaucracy

Sarah Redicker

Supervisors: Timothy Foster, Ralitza Dimova

Thesis title: The economics of dams and their impact on irrigation systems and agricultural livelihoods

Sha Lyu

Supervisors: Kate Rowlands, Christopher Rees 

Solahudeen Moomin

Supervisors: David Ouattara, Aminu Mamman

Thesis title: Development Partners in Ghana's Democratic and Public Policy Space; Partnership or Patronage?

Thanh Bui

Supervisors: Katsushi Imai, Ralitza Dimova

Thesis title: Essays on empirical development economics

Thomas Agyekum Kyeremeh

Supervisors: Aminu Mamman, Mohammad Farhad Hossain

Thesis title: Collaborative Governance Approach towards Decentralising Climate Change Policies into Local Assembly's Development Plans in Ghana

Wei Yu

Supervisors: Lujia Feng, Christopher Rees 

Whitney Banyai-Becker

Supervisors: Nicola Banks, Diana Mitlin

Thesis title: Movement in situ: an ethnographic exploration of gender relations and urban social movements in Nairobi, Manchester and Denver

Xinlun Jiang

Supervisors: Yin-Fang Zhang, Ping Gao

Thesis title: Analyzing national policy for China's Fin-tech development

Yidian Meng

Supervisors: Yin-Fang Zhang, Lawrence Ado-Kofie David Lawson

Thesis title: How Gender inequality in Individual Level Result in consequences to Aggregate Economic Performance

Yue Zhai

Supervisors: Rory Stanton, Ping Gao

Thesis title: The governance of smart city in China

Yuetong Wang

Supervisors: Kate Rowlands, Christopher Rees 

Yunhao Sun

Supervisors: Christopher Rees, Lujia Feng 

Yuosif Alkaabi

Supervisors: Christopher Rees, Kate Rowlands