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Global Development Institute


We present a small selection of books from some of our researchers

Pablo Yanguas (2018). Why we lie about aid: Development and the Messy Politics of Change. Zed Books.

Oliver Bakewell & Loren B. Landau (2018) Forging African Communities: Mobility, Integration and Belonging. Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.

Lawrence Ado-Kofie, David Lawson & David Hulme (2017). What Works for Africa's Poorest?: Poverty Reduction Programmes for Extremely Poor People. Rugby : Practical Action.

Lant Pritchett, Kunal Sen, & Eric Werker (2017). Deals and Development: The Political Dynamics of Growth Episodes. Oxford University Press.

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Agarwal, B. (2016). Gender Challenges. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Hulme, D. (2016). Should Rich Nations Help the Poor? Cambridge/New York, Polity Press.

Kar, S. and Sen, K. (2016). The Political Economy of India's Growth Episodes. Palgrave.

Roy, M. Cawood, S. Hordijk, M. Hulme, D. (2016). Urban Poverty and Climate Change: Life in the slums of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Routledge.

Roy, M. Hanlon, J. Hulme, D. (2016).  Bangladesh Confronts Climate Change: Keeping Our Heads above Water, Anthem Press.

Sen, K. (2016). Out of the Shadows. OUP.

Hickey, S. Sen, K. Bukenya, B. (2015). The Politics of Inclusive Development: Interrogating the Evidence.  OUP.

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Jamil, I. Askvik, S. Hossain, F. (2015). Administrative culture in developing and transitional countries. Routledge

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Barrientos, A. (2013). Social Assistance in Developing Countries.  Cambridge University Press.

Bastia, T. (2013). Migration and inequality. Routledge.

Bebbington, A. and J. T. Bury (2013). Subterranean struggles: New dynamics of mining, oil, and gas in Latin America. UTPress

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