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Global Development Institute

Author guidelines


  • Include an abstract (+/-) 250 words.
  • Include all author titles, affiliations and email addresses.
  • Include acknowledgements (if necessary).
  • Refer to example of bibliography style below.
  • Check all figures and tables are complete and sources mentioned.
  • Check accuracy of bibliography and footnote references, including URLs.
  • Define up to a maximum of ten keywords.
  • Submit a Word document


Guidelines for structure and text

  • Keep paragraphs and sentences short.
  • When an acronym is first used, write it out in full.
  • When a specialist term is first used, please provide a definition.
  • Bear in mind international readership and explain country-specific terms.


Fonts and formatting

  • Arial 11pt, justified, no more than three heading levels.
  • Each figure, table or graph should be numbered and referred to in the text.
  • Bibliography at end of the paper.


Terminology and spelling

  • Please use British spellings – set your Word document to ‘English (UK)’.
  • Spell out numbers from one to ten, and use numerals for those above ten.
  • Use eg and ie rather than e.g. and i.e.
  • Use % rather than percent in text.


Bibliography style examples


Journal article

Kabir, M.D.A., Rahman, A. Salway, S. and Pryer, J. (2000). ‘Sickness among the urban poor: a barrier to livelihood security’. Journal for International Development 12, 707-722.

Online report

Human Sciences Research Council (2004). Fact Sheet: Poverty in South Africa [online resource available at]. Accessed: 21 March 2006.


Skocpol, T. (1992). Protecting Soldiers and Mothers: The Political Origins of Social Policy in the United States. Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press.

Edited book

Datt, G., Ramadas, K., van der Mensbrugghe, D., Walker, T. and Wodon Q. (2003).  ‘Predicting the effects of aggregate growth on poverty’. In Bourguignon, F. and Pereria da Silva, L. A. (eds.), The Impact of Economic Policies on Poverty and Income Dstribution: Evaluation Techniques and Tools. New York: Oxford University Press.