Our researchers are investigating the impact of Covid-19 across the Global South. Read a selection of insights from our academics below.

Research projects

A number of our researchers are carrying out research projects into the impact of Covid-19 in the Global South.

Manchester researcher helping to tackle coronavirus in Kenya’s slums - Diana Mitlin (11 May 2020) 

Who will survive the coronavirus in Indonesia? - Gindo Tampubolon (3 April 2020)

Understanding the Impacts of Covid-19 on Livelihoods in Bangladesh: Findings from the PPRC-BIGD Rapid Response Survey - Nicola Banks and David Hulme (26 May 2020)

Journal publications

GDI academics have written a number of journal articles about development and Covid-19. 

Covid-19 and the case for global development - Johan Oldekop, Rory Horner, David Hulme et al (20 June)

After the Immediate Coronavirus Crisis: 3 Scenarios for Global Development - David Hulme and Rory Horner (28 April 2020)

Media commentary 

Our researchers have appeared across the media discussing the current pandemic.

Why the world needs pharmaceuticals from China and India to beat coronavirus - Rory Horner (27 May 2020)

Ways technology can boost food security, rev up jobs in Kenya - Aarti Krishnan (20 May 2020)

An Expert Explains: Working with lockdown — create green worker pools, not green zones - Bina Agarwal (24 April 2020)

The Perverse Economics of Ventilators - Shamel Azmeh (16 April 2020)


Webinars and panel discussions have allowed researchers to tackle the biggest issues proposed by the ongoing crisis.

Covid-19 and the future of global value chains - Stephanie Barrientos, Dev Nathan, Rory Horner and Raphael Kaplinsky (22 July 2020)

People and the Planet: The Future of Development in a Post-Covid-19 World, UNDP & UNEP Panel - Bina Agarwal (17 June 2020)

The effect of the lockdown on the poor and on farm supply chains - Bina Agarwal (15 April 2020)


Blogs allow researchers to quickly respond to the rapidly changing landscape.  

Covid-19 and the Hrishipara Diarists: was April the cruellest month? - Stuart Rutherford (11 May 2020)

Positive Deviance: A Data-Powered Approach to the Covid-19 Response - Richard Heeks and Basma Albanna (5 May 2020)

Protecting Gig Workers During Covid-19: What Platforms Must Do - Richard Heeks (27 April 2020)

Dams and Covid-19: Some Thoughts - David Hulme and Barnaby Dye (23 April 2020)

The Politics of Responding to Covid-19 in Developing Countries - Sam Hickey, Tim Kelsall, David Hulme (21 April 2020)   

Inequality and Covid-19: what might a new social contract in the post-Corona world look like? - Tanja Müller (12 April 2020)

There is need for a calibrated approach to end the lockdown, testing will be key - Bina Agarwal (3 April 2020)

Dealing with Covid-19 in the towns and cities of the global South - Diana Mitlin (25 March 2020)