Xi Xi

Xi is a Chinese PhD student in the Global Development Institute who had also studied her master’s degree at Manchester and was working in HR consulting in Shanghai, China before undertaking doctoral training.

On my research

Xi Xi, PhD Development Policy and Management

Xi Xi

PhD Development Policy and Management

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My research is about management and organisational change in Chinese higher education institutions.

For the benefit of my academic career, I hope to get my results published in several journal articles. Practically, I hope my research can contribute to the administration of higher education institutions in developing areas in China.

I hope to pursue an academic career. The professional training in Manchester will increase my competitiveness in the job market for sure. The University also provides career services to help.

On choosing my PhD

I got my master’s degree at The University of Manchester. I was impressed by the professional and friendly environment.

I considered studying for a PhD as it is a systematic training about researching ability and it is a stepping stone to enter into an academic career.

Xi Xi

On my PhD highlights

Doing a PhD is challenging, but with the professional and friendly support from supervisors and colleagues, it is also quite enjoyable.

My highlight so far has been presenting and sharing my research at an international academic conference.

“My highlight so far has been presenting and sharing my research at an international academic conference.”

On my greatest challenge

It is really challenging to have a clear research aim and build a conceptual framework.

On training and development

I’ve attended many conferences within and outside of the UK and presented a paper in an international conference. I also took part in the organisation of 2018 School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED) Conference and volunteered to host the Work-In-Progress Seminar in the Global Development Institute.

Alongside my PhD, I have worked as a Teaching Assistant for master’s courses and on field trips.

I’ve also taken part in the training programmes from the University Library, Faculty of Humanities and methods@manchester. These training programmes provided valuable information and skills in research ability, publication skills and well-being.

On being an international student at Manchester

As an international student from China, it is very convenient to live and study in Manchester. This city is very friendly for students, which is especially important for overseas students.

Manchester is a very friendly and multicultural city. I was surprised that there were plenty of activities and celebrations for Chinese New Year.

I live in university accommodation (Whitworth Park). It has the best location and only takes 5 minutes to get to the library. There are also several supermarkets nearby. As it is university accommodation, I do not need to worry much about safety.

When I did my master’s degree, I took part in some trips inside the UK with the University’s International Society. All the trips are well organised and were a good start to enjoy the landscape of the UK.

On tips for future students

Bring a good umbrella! It rains a lot in Manchester.

Doing a PhD in a new environment is not easy for many students, but you can always make friends in Manchester.

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