May Kyi Phyu Kyaw

MSc International Development: Development Management

Why did you choose to study at The University of Manchester?

May Kyi Phyu Kyaw

I am from Myanmar. When I was thinking about applying for a Master’s degree in Development-related Studies from the World’s top universities, I mainly looked at three areas:

  • Course descriptions and modules,
  • Reputations of the university for teaching, research and resources, and
  • A stimulating and supportive environment for academics and social life.

After researching the universities thoroughly, I could finally determine that The University of Manchester was the best fit for me because Global Development Institute at the university offers International Development pathways in a wide range of advanced trainings and right insights into development. In addition, the university is consistently one of the highest-ranking universities in global university ranking as well.

Why did you choose your particular course?

I studied MSc in International Development: Development Management. I was attracted to the programme because of the perfect combination of advanced theoretical and practical trainings of management and development. 

Has your qualification helped you in your career? 

I have no doubt that having a degree from a prestigious university like the University of Manchester will definitely aid my career progression. Studying at GDI developed my theoretical and technical practices to build an interdisciplinary research grounding, and to manage development interventions in an increasingly challenging field.

Where then any specific modules or lecturers who particularly inspired you?  

I could not choose a specific module that particularly inspired me because every module provided me unique and invaluable knowledge and insights into international development processes. Likewise, all lecturers I met at the university impressed me with their unique knowledge and expertise. However, I would say that Professor David Hulme and Dr Admos Chimhowu particularly inspired me with their wisdom, efforts for development field, and metta for all students(the Pali term of having love, kindness, amity, goodwill, benevolence, etc.).

Was your degree funded by a scholarship or donor?

I was awarded a Chevening Scholarship for my study. Without the help of Chevening Scholarship, it was impossible for me to get the quality education like this and to be able to focus only on my study without worrying about fees and costs. The scholarship offered not only the financial assistance but also the opportunity to meet with influential leaders from diverse fields across the world.

What is your best memory from your time at Manchester? 

Libraries! I spent most of my time in both the university’s libraries and the Manchester Central Library. Besides, the city itself is amazing because it welcomes diverse people around the world. Living in Manchester exposed me to a variety of cultures and traditions.

Do you have any tips or advice for current or prospective students? 

For prospective students especially who want to study International Development, I would say, “GDI will never be a wrong choice for you”. One more tip is that you will definitely have a lot of good restaurants, pubs and shops to explore in the city. Trust me – you will enjoy it!