Min Wu

MSc ICTs for Development

Why did you choose to study at The University of Manchester?

Min Wu

I am from Shanghai, China. I chose to study at The University of Manchester as the University achieves high scores for its academic power and employer reputation in QS university rankings.

There were three main reasons why I chose to study ICT4D. Firstly, I was interested in the area. Secondly, because I wanted to build on the experience I already had working in the IT industry. Finally, I wanted to develop ICT4D projects following my graduation.

What have you been up to since graduating?  

Following graduation, I worked as a Program Manager for Techsoup in China. My main focus was to help build IT capacity for non-profits in China. After spending 3 years with them, I moved to my current job at Italki, where I work in helping deliver training to improve teacher service quality.

Has your qualification helped you in your career? 

The qualification helped me get the opportunity to work as the program manager of Techsoup China. I was very fortunate to be able to visit Techsoup and its partners in the US and Malaysia. It was super exciting to see so many ICT4D champions and practitioners gathering together and presenting what they have done to the field.
As the program manager, I promoted Zoom to the non-profits in China, localized the Techsoup China website and facilitated the communication between Techsoup US and Techsoup China. The skills and knowledge I gained during my studies helped me in delivering this role effectively.

Were there any specific modules or lecturers who particularly inspired you?

Planning and managing development: The group work and project fair simulated the real work scenario of development practitioners. The tutor had many years of experience in development. It was very helpful that he told his stories of his development work to us. It helped us as students get a sense of what working in development is really like.

What is your best memory from your time at Manchester? 

The student life at Manchester was inspiring. It inspired my thinking about the issues I had a passion for. It motivated my curiosity into the questions of the coursework and gave me the enthusiasm to work with my classmates, exchanging ideas and learning the best from each other. It inspired my motivation to explore the unknown with the guidance from my tutors.

Do you have any tips or advice for current or prospective students?  

Choosing to study at GDI means opening a door to the world of development. Keep curious about what’s happening in the world and how the world can be a better place. Keep thinking about the logic behind everything and enjoy the “Aha” moments.