Rashid Ortole Kargbo

MSc Development Economics and Policy

Why did you choose to study at The University of Manchester?

Rashid Ortole Kargbo

Firstly, The University of Manchester is renowned for its world-leading research. Together with Cambridge and Oxford, the University is one of the top universities in the UK outside of London.

Second, both my academic and work lives have been impacted immensely by products of this University. I was taught at undergraduate level by a graduate of this University, and I had the opportunity to work with another graduate of the University as my director. The contributions these people are making to the development of my country - Sierra Leone - inspired me to choose The University of Manchester for postgraduate study.

What attracted you to the MSc in Development Economics and Policy?

I studied economics at undergraduate level as I wanted to understand why economies, especially in developing countries, continue to experience macroeconomic challenges in the midst of abundant natural resources.

I have always wanted to develop my knowledge and aptitude in economics through the acquisition of up-to-date skills pertinent to research, policy formulation, implementation and evaluation. After researching the Development Economics and Policy MSc, I was convinced that this course would provide me with the requisite development skills and knowledge needed to provide clear, insightful and appropriate advice on development policy formulation, implementation and evaluation.

Now that you are here, what is your favourite thing about studying your course at The University of Manchester?

I’m proud to be a student of The University of Manchester, a reputable institution that believes very much in making the world a better place through innovative research and human capital enhancement.

One of the best things about the Development Economics and Policy MSc is that I have gained an excellent understanding of the real meaning of economics. Before my master’s, it was all theories, but now it’s about theories and their real-life application.  

Would you recommend your course and the University as a good place to study?

I have, and I would continue to recommend my course and the University whenever and wherever I can. If you seek answers to world economic issues like poverty, inequality, governance, etc., then MSc Development Economics and Policy is the ideal course for you.

If you choose to come to Manchester, you should expect:

  • a multicultural city with friendly people;
  • a comfortable learning environment;
  • great learning facilities;
  • experienced practitioners in diverse areas;
  • to gain knowledge (theoretical and practical experiences).

What would you like to do once you have finished your master’s, and how will your study help with this?

I hope to return and help my country achieve its development agenda. This course will have prepared me to engage actively in proffering advice on policy-related matter.  It will also offer me an opportunity to pursue postgraduate research in the near future.