Inscribing mobile lives into the urban peripheries of global displacement

The project focused on contemporary debates on transnational lived citizenship in urban settings in peripheries of the Global North and South that are sites of new global migrations.

Building on both researchers' work, the project undertook a comparative investigation into how precarious migrant lives transform and are transformed by the urban spaces where they reside while maintaining transnational linkages.

Based on the understanding that the “migrant question” is key for thinking about democracy, collective subjects and citizenry in times of endemic crises, the comparative investigation centred on three overlapping areas:

  • Contested urban hospitalities with migrant populations and how these are inscribed in local institutional legacies and ethno-social landscapes
  • The emplacement of transversal solidarities and activist citizenship with and by migrants in the urban communities where they reside
  • The role of public, private and civil society actors in shaping localised solutions to global crises and rooted visions of city-zenship.

The project was a collaboration from 2022 to 2023 between The University of Manchester and The University of Tel Aviv. It was jointly led by Prof Tanja Müller from Manchester and Prof Adriana Kemp from Tel Aviv.

Project blogs

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