Africa Research Network

The Africa Research Network is a cross disciplinary research network at The University of Manchester made up of people with any interest (research or otherwise) in the continent of Africa. This includes early career researchers who are starting to explore these interests or long-established researchers, academics and practitioners.


Our aim is to bring people together from various fields of study into one shared space where we can discuss our interests and research in Africa. We hope to expand throughout every faculty at the University, and eventually, engage and collaborate with other universities.


A vibrant network to share the diversity of African research, cultures and experiences that lead to future cross-disciplinary partnerships and collaborations.

Research interest focuses on broad six themes namely:

  • Governance, Institutions & Policy
  • Science & Technology for Development
  • Poverty & Inclusion
  • Health Systems and Wellbeing
  • Sustainable Communities and Infrastructure
  • Environment and Resilience