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The Rory and Elizabeth Brooks Doctoral College has more than 70 PhD researchers.


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Zhen Chen

Developing Leadership Capacity in Chinese SOEs: A Critique of Education Leadership Public Policy

Luyao Huang

Social capital, education and entrepreneurial development

Vidhya Unnikrishnan

Evaluation of Social Safety Net for the Elderly Population in India

Gabriela Zapata Roman

Inequality of Opportunities in Chile

Qingna Zhou

The Research on the Application of E-commerce in Rural Enterprises: The Case of the Emerging Township and Village Enterprise (TVEs) in China

Mohd Helmi Abu Yahya

Homelessness and the Political Agenda in Southeast Asia: The Case Study of Malaysia

Yuna Lee

A New Normative Labour in Global Production Network: The dynamics of employment relationship in the Vietnamese textiles and apparel industry

Bridgit Kabah

Adopting the Operational Mechanisms of Western NGOs into the Ghanaian Context for Sustainable National Institutional Development: the Case of Fundraising, Accountability and Collaborations

Ambarish Karamchedu

Continuity, change or "crisis"? The political economy of agrarian change in Telangana, South India

Gabriele Restelli

The effects of foreign aid on international migration to Europe

Kinga Wisniewska

Drying out development: Extent and consequences of groundwater depletion in India

Johanna Aguilera Muñoz

New public management and healthcare system performance in Chile

Duaa Alshareef

Developing the management of kindergarten Institutions in the light of Strategic Management Approach in k.S.A

Mohammad Asad-Uz-Zaman

Impact of Government Revenue expenditure, Current transfer (social safety net programs) and Development expenditure on GDP Growth and Poverty in Bangladesh

Emrah Atar

Impact Of Syrian Refugee Crises On Public Service Provision: Perspectives From Urban-local Governance In Turkey.

Thanh Bui

Determinant of multidimensional inequality and social mobility among different regions in Vietnam

Daniel Diaz Vera

Development and operation of Chilean NGOs in a hegemonic neo-liberal context

Bookie Ezeomah

Digital platforms disrupting agricultural value chains in Nigeria

Xinlun Jiang

Analyzing national policy for China's Fin-tech development

Jeongseong Lee

A comparative study of the EU and China’s policy in foreign aid

Mariana Lopez Rodriguez

Global Feminist Production Networks: a study of feminine hygiene products

Basma Mahmoud

Leveraging Positive Deviance through the Use of Big Data

Kunkanit Sutamchai

Mindfulness at Work as an HRD Intervention to Enhance Employee Well-being

Xi Xi

The effects of newcomer socialization on organisational readiness for change

Kaiyu Xu

The Ecosystem of Crowdfunding in China: An Illustrative Case Study of The Fund Operating Platform Of Ant Financial

Matthew Walsham

Internal Migration and Social Protection in Uganda: the Senior Citizens Grant and its relationship to 'voluntary' labour migration

Amin Ali

The impact of decentralization on poverty reduction and resource allocation in Bangladesh

Hana Alsultan

Not yet submitted

Issifu Amadu

Understanding the moderating effects of micro and macro organisational structures on organisational energy in public sector firms in Ghana.

Edward Ampratwum

The politics shaping the implementation of the Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) program in Ghana

Maria Bohada Rodriguez

Conflict-Induced displacement, aspirations and 'the capacity to aspire'

Nahid Farnaz

Financial Development and Income Inequality

Mohammed Ibrahim

The politics of social protection in Ghana : ideas, actors and incentives

Yuttachai Inpa

Autonomous Public Organization in Thailand: Exploration of its Effectiveness

Hao Peng

The Impact of E-learning on Chinese Elementary Students

Luis Rivera Illingworth

Using microdata and big data to measure the digital divide

Mapenzie Tauzie

Youth, Innovative Farming and Access to Land: An Exploration of Young Farmers Experiences and access

Shafa Alasgarova

Human resource management  system  in post-soviet countries

Toritsesan Erumi

Women-Owned SMEs in Developing Economies, e-Business and Inclusive Innovation: The Case of Nigeria

Kevwe Pela

Developing Economies and Informal Sector: Achieving Increased Productivity through Policies That Enhance Economic Growth through Human Capital Development

Muhammad Siddiquee

Exploring Impact on Human Capital Aspects of the Ultra Poor in Bangladesh:  Evidence from Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction/Targeting the Ultra Poor Program

Laura Hirst

Bottom-up politics within a context of decentralisation: Investigating fire risks, well-being and pathways towards community involvement in decentralised fire and rescue services in poor urban settlements

Heiner Janus

Results-based and Adaptive Development Cooperation

Ryo Seo-Zindy

Understanding Under-the-radar Innovation Communities in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Maker Movement in South East Asia

Matthew Tyce

What are the political drivers of sustaining pro-poor growth in developing countries?

Peter Agamile

Essays on weather shocks, gender and intra household dynamics in Uganda

Media Askar

Financial Literacy, Cultural Identity and Poverty

Yuan Fang

Talent Management in the 21st Century China: A Comparison between Foreign Companies in China and Chinese Domestic Companies

Ning Kang

Reassessing Training in Career development: Perspective of Chinese State-owned Enterprises

Lina Khraise

The Impact of Aid for Trade and Jordanian trade policies on the development of technologically sophisticated exports

Jiaying Li

The Impact of Financial Sector Development on Total Factor Productivity in Developing Countries

Nafisatu Irene Okhade

Private Financing of Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case of Nigeria Railway Projects

Alejandra Ortiz Garcia

Essays on Income Inequality, Economic Growth and the Middle Class in Mexico

Ishmael Ayanoore

Oil Governance in Ghana: Exploring the Politics of Elite Commitment to Local Participation

Natalia Garcia Cervantes

Urban violence and crime prevention throughout community-led urban development and planning

Eyob Gebremariam

Urban Youth, Developmentalism and Politics of Citizenship in Ethiopia

Amanda Telias Simunovic

The accurate identification of vulnerable groups as the main explanation for Chile's success in fighting poverty

Edward Ademolu

Examining the role that visual representation in photojournalism and charity fundraising play in perpetuating ideologies about Africa and Africans.

Kate Pruce

Political commitment to social protection and the role of knowledge: the case of Zambia

Katia Schlipfenbacher

Human Resource Development with the support of ICTs in Brazil

Osama Abufarraj

Not yet submitted

Asma Alnuaimi

HRM Selection & Orientation Processes Within Workforce Planning Strategies in the United Arab Emirates:  Impact on Female Applicants and Female Employees in Public Sector Organisations

Anthony Kumasey

Public Service Ethics in Ghana, a Myth or Reality

Young Sun Lee

The influence of  individual readiness on organisation development and individual development

Virgi Sari

State of the Art of Social Exclusion in Indonesia: Does Social Protection Scheme Protect the Excluded?

Saut Simbolon

Effective Implementation Of Performance Management System Based On Balanced Scorecards Framework In Ministry Of Finance Of Republic Indonesia

Asieh Yousefnejad Shomali

The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Promotion of Social Status of Street-Connected Children in General and Their Educational Status in Particular in Iran.

Ngozi Okoli

Can Social Entrepreneurship Substitute for Formal Economic Aid Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Angelica Fernandez Garzon

Overcoming Barriers in the Implementation of Colombian Inclusive Business

Ahmad Al Khayer

The Role of Human Resource Development in Fragile States during conflict and post-conflict settings

Abiola Olatunji

Revenue Generation for Development, in Developing Countries

Rukaiyatu Jungudo

Development of a strategy for reintegrating internally displaced pupils into mainstream schools: a case study of North-eastern and South-south regions of Nigeria.

Bethany Coleman


Mohammad Hasan

Public Sector capacity development and innovation in crisis management with focus to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Sarah Redicker

The economic impacts of dams on irrigation systems (FutureDAMS)

Maria Alvarez Figueroa

Identifying organizational development strategies: The management of public school districts in Chile

Guannan Li

The Effect of Aged Adult Child Caregivers on Life Satisfactions and Well being of the Oldest-old in Different Social Classes: Longitudinal evidence from CLHLS

Samuel Stratford

Understanding how political settlements shape the decision-making processes behind the planning and construction of dams: lessons from Ethiopia and Uganda.

Magaly Duarte Urquhart

Debt sustainability from a Central Bank Perspective 

Yidian Meng

The impact of gender inequality on economic diversification through Labour market

Romasa Rashid

Ultimate and Proximate Determinants of Food Insecurity in Contemporary Zimbabwe

Karishma Banga

Linking into Global Value Chains: Implications for Domestic Growth of Developing Countries

Pfavai Nyajeka

Using Mobiles in Low-Income Countries For Development: Women-Led Enterprises in Zimbabwe

Qian Wen 

SIHRM: Chinese Construction MNEs

Yuna Lee 

A Shift of Labour Control in the Global Garment Production Network: The Vietnamese Workers in the Korean Tier 1 Companies 

Kubra Mertek

Post-cold war humanitarianism and discursive construction of ‘neutrality’: The case study of the ICRC in Syrian Civil War

Kerstin Rieger

Displacement and Vulnerability: Understanding the consequences of interacting hazards in Post-Earthquake Nepal