Issifu Amadu

PhD Development Policy and Management

Why did you choose to study at The University of Manchester?

Issifu Amadu

The University of Manchester is among the world’s best places for doctoral training and for that reason the government of Ghana (My sponsor) was ready to fund my entire training.

What was your particular research topic and why did you choose it?

My research focused on management and leadership in Ghana’s public sector

The issue of public sector performance was a critical issue then and still is today. Development experts believe managers/ leaders at the frontline in Ghana’s service delivery ought to do more to leverage health service delivery.

There appears to be an interesting relationship between a country’s critical health indicators, human capital quality and its gross domestic product and to attain such the leadership question has to be addressed

Were your studies funded? 

My studies were fully funded by the government of Ghana. With complete funding, I was able to focus on my studies without much distraction and I graduated within the 3 years given.

What have you done since graduation?

I took up a job at a public university to teach and engage in management research.

Has your qualification helped you in your career?  

My doctoral training continues to be useful in my area of work. I’m not sure I could have been of much use to the tertiary education sector without enrolling at GDI to pursue a doctoral degree.

What’s your best memory from the University of Manchester?

The December 2019 graduation ceremony, I should say, is an event I’ll never forget. It was the climax of a 3-year long studious experience; words cannot describe the joy and feeling of fulfilment in our eyes as we waited for our names to be mentioned to mount the podium to receive our degrees.

Do you have any tips or advice for current or prospective students? 

I encourage prospective students to consider enrolling at The University of Manchester if they are offered the opportunity for, they cannot afford to miss the wonderful learning experiences that await them. There is no place like GDI, Manchester. To current studies, I exhort them to make the best of every learning experience through the varied seminars, lectures and volunteering in and around this great city. These experiences prepare them to acquire the needed skills for industry and the public sector.