Peter Quartey

PhD Development Economics (2002)

What made you choose The University of Manchester for your PhD research?

A renowned Professor recommended The University of Manchester to me. In addition, my (masters) thesis supervisor in Ghana obtained his PhD from The University of Manchester.  

What did you hope to achieve through your research in your PhD? 

I was hoping to learn the rigorous, analytical and modern approach to analyzing the developmental problems of Ghana and my Thesis topic and the focal area did just that. At the end of the programme, I have been able to diagnose the financial challenges faced by SMEs and other issues related to private sector development.  

What did you do after receiving your PhD? 

After receiving my PhD, I worked at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA Ghana) for a year and later joined the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, the University of Ghana as a Research Fellow. I rose through the ranks to become a Professor of Development Economics. I also served as the Head, Department of Economics and Director (Economic Management Programme) at the University of Ghana for six years. I am currently, the Head, Economics Division at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, University of Ghana.

My profession has benefited tremendously from my teaching, supervision and research; I taught and supervised over 1,000 students and published extensively with over 2300 Google Scholar citations. I have also served as external examiner in the Netherlands, South Africa, etc.   I can say without hesitation that I have had a fruitful careers and I am known globally for my role since graduating from The University of Manchester

What advice would you give to someone looking to undertake a PhD in your field of research in Manchester?  

The University of Manchester provides an enormous opportunity for PhD training. Its courses are development oriented and this is evidenced by the cultural diversity of its students. The University provides cutting edge research considering the impressive profile of its teaching faculty. It also has great international appeal and provides value for money. I have recommended the University to many potential students and will continue to do so.  The University of Manchester Alumni in Ghana is fast growing and they are all in very high profile employment.